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Canopy Jumping Spiderlings - Rare Florida color line

Canopy Jumping Spiderlings - Rare Florida color line

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This is a Pre-order for shipping the week of July 29th and will be sent out at instar 5-6

These are young instar 5 and 6 Canopy jumping spiders ( Phidippus otioisus), known for being outgoing, friendly, and easy to handle.


The pictures show their current appearance and some of their parents. Juveniles will be randomly picked and shipped unsexed, as their gender is not discernible until much later.

They will develop more color through future molts and eat larger Hydei fruit flies. They are smaller than Regal jumping spiders of the same age, with potential colors ranging from white, yellow, and orange.


These spiders need a humid environment with daily misting and temperatures between 74-84°F. Introduce fruit flies every two days, ensuring a few are always present.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own one of these highly sought-after, seldom-available species!


Hatch date: 4-22-24