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The Spoodiverse Shipping FAQ & LAG Policy.

At The Spoodiverse, here's what you need to know about our Reshipment or Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) Policy:

We want to be transparent: we can't guarantee live arrival at your doorstep due to the unpredictable nature of live shipments.

To better explain our "Reshipment Policy" or "Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) Policy," we've outlined our criteria below. It's crucial that all customers read and understand this information before placing an order, as it significantly impacts your experience with us!

As a small business aiming to grow and support our customers, we're committed to helping if any issues arise.

If you have questions about the criteria or need more details, reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit—our primary communication channels. We don't have an email, phone number, or physical store.

Criteria 1 of 3:
For a FULL reshipment at our expense, your order must be picked up from a carrier hub any orders placed to be shipped directly to home or place of employment are 100% void. We're happy to offer a replacement with a spood of your preference that matches the one you initially selected. Otherwise, we'll offer a gift card, partial refund, or another accommodation on a case-by-case basis. Our systems track delivery and pick-ups. Shipping cost are never covered and are the responsibility of the customer.

Criteria 2 of 3:
Report any issues with photo/video evidence and your order number via email ( or our contact page. within 1 hour of receiving your order. We suggest an unboxing video at the post office to validate any loss. Without a timely report, we can't consider reshipment eligibility.

Criteria 3 of 3:
Customers are responsible for carrier holds. Use the tracking information we provide to manage holds via FedEx before shipment. Our tracking numbers are sent automatically within 24 hours before shipping the email address you provided when the orders were placed. It is your responsibility to pickup when the package arrives within 2 hours to qualify for LAG should something happen to your order.

While we reserve the right to deny reshipment, we strive to satisfy every customer who chooses us. Shipping live animals is risky; our LAG/Reshipment policy supports safe transit for these delicate creatures.

This policy is vital for our business to function reliably, ensuring quality service while minimizing unnecessary loss.

Your cooperation with these terms is appreciated. It helps us maintain our commitment to quality service while reducing losses. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Weather Delayed Shipping Policy

Our Approach to Shipping in Challenging Weather Conditions

Hey there! When it comes to extreme weather and shipping live animals, we've got a plan in place to ensure your new pets arrive safely. During scorching summers or freezing winters, we might need to delay shipments to guarantee the well-being of your pets, even though we use insulated boxes and heat packs.

Our heat packs work wonders, usually keeping containers warm up to 25 degrees F throughout transit. However, if temperatures dip below 36 degrees F or soar above 88 degrees F, we'll hold off on shipping until the weather's more pet-friendly, even if there's a carrier hold in place.

Located in Elgin, IL, part of the Midwest, we experience some pretty extreme weather compared to our pals in warmer areas like California, Florida or Texas. So, when you order during these seasons, just keep in mind that our weather here in Elgin, IL, might affect your experience a bit.

Quick heads-up: We're unable to accept returns for any reason when orders are held for this reason as it is out of our control, and all sales are final. But rest assured, we're here to ensure your furry friends arrive safe and sound!

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